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Events in Anglesey this February 2014

Why would you want to enjoy camping in Anglesey's St David's Holiday Parkin February? February is still part of winter and the weather can be rough so many do not consider camping do be the ideal holiday option.

Most people leave camping until the summer time. The weather is somewhat more reliable and warmer but this could lead to you having the same kind of holiday every year. Why not try something a bit different. Every winter we stay cooped up inside getting no exercise and not seeing any of the beautiful landscape around us. Only those who work in outdoor jobs or take part in plenty of winter exercise get to see just how beautiful February in Anglesey really is.

Anyone who works in conservation in Anglesey will tell you that you are most definitely missing out if you do not take the opportunity to enjoy Anglesey in every season, including February.

Camping in Anglesey in February could present you with a wholly new kind of holiday experience. Wrap up in warm clothes and…