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Fantastic Ideas for School Activities in North Wales!

Dragon Raiders Activity Park is the perfect attraction for school group activities in North Wales. They have a great venue for your school trip, surrounded by beautiful woodlands through which you can explore during your adventure. They’ll provide you with everything you need, from training to talking you through all health and safety procedures to ensure the well-being of all visitors.
For school group activities in North Wales Dragon Raiders can offer you a great number of activities, which are fun for all the children and members of staff! Free places are also offered to teachers, complete with pre-prepared risk assessments and planning sessions. With over 10 years’ experience working with large groups from schools, colleges and universities, you can be assured that your adventure with Dragon Raiders will be an exciting one.
If you have a large class of students who are all hopeful to be able to attend their activity together, then worry not. Dragon Raiders can provide for groups…