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Holiday Homes in Anglesey

Anglesey is an area like no other. It is steeped in ancient history, a hub of outdoor adventure and one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the whole of Britain.

It attracts tourists year after year who fall in love with the magic of this mysterious island. If you are a fan of holidays in Anglesey and always feel disheartened when it is time to leave have you considered buying a holiday home in Anglesey?

There are a number of high quality holiday parks offering holiday homes in Anglesey. This gives you the opportunity to have your very own mini home on the beautiful island. You can retreat to Anglesey whenever you wish but not feel so much like a visitor as you would in a hotel. You feel you are a native with your own secluded spot.

If you choose the best holiday homes for sale in Anglesey you will probably be blessed with those highly desirable expansive sea views.

Choosing a good holiday park is the first step to finding your holiday home. A beautiful holiday home means very l…

What to do, where to go and what to eat in Caernarfon

Caernarfon is a beautiful town situated on the North Wales coast. The area has a rich history, glorious scenery and several attractions that will ensure you have a truly wonderful visit. Any visitor to the town will see the commanding Caernarfon castle, the focal point for the town that enjoys welcoming visitors from far and wide. Among this famed castle, the town offers a huge range of activities, attractions and excellent accommodation and dining options. Those that need a base in the area will be welcomed to the glorious range of bed and breakfast in Caernarfon.
Must See – Caernarfon Castle
As mentioned, the castle is the pride and joy of the town. A huge medieval fortress built in the late 11th century; this structure is a real gem – open for visiting, whereby you’ll experience what those that occupied it did, whilst peering over the sea, beach and marina. The Eagle Tower is the most striking of all towers within the castle, of which you will notice the colour coded stone, careful…