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Choosing Hotels in Snowdonia, North Wales

Hotels in Snowdonia offer complete tranquillity, in an area which is famed for its natural beauty. If you’re looking to take a short break away from the stresses of your typical daily routine, North Wales is one of the best regions to do so.

Whether you’d prefer to take a peaceful stroll along some of the coastal paths, or challenge yourself to a tough hike up one of mountains in the Snowdonia range – North Wales offers inspiring walks and views throughout.

When it comes to selecting a hotel within the region, those within the Snowdonia National Park offer some of the best room views in the UK. Expect yourself to be looking out from our room onto rolling welsh hills and dramatic mountainous landscapes.

The Bryn Tyrch Inn is situated right in the heart of the national park, close to the popular village of Betws-y-Coed. Each of the eleven rooms have been aptly named after the lakes, valleys and mountains within Snowdonia.

Holidays should be all about treating yourself, especially throug…

Visiting North Wales and the Snowdonia National Park

Everyone needs a good holiday from time to time. It’s a chance to relax, unwind and leave any worries you may have at home. For those who have found a favourite holiday location along the way their travels, a holiday home can be the perfect investment.

Caravan parks in Snowdonia are the ideal location for those looking for a tranquil and picturesque area to have their holiday home. If you haven’t visited the area before, you’re in for a treat.

Snowdonia is full of fantastic natural wonders – mountains, valleys, beaches and woodlands are just a few of its varied and beautiful environments waiting to be discovered by guests of the national park.

Snowdonia alone sees over 6 million visitors a year, a number which is steadily increasing. It’s also home to Wales’ tallest mountain. Snowdon, which stands at 1,085m tall. It’s known for being a mountain that can be completed by a range of fitness levels, thanks to its well-defined trails which have varying difficulty levels.

The whole area is …

Las Vegas Doesn’t Use As Much Electricity As You’d Think

When most of us think of massive amounts of power and wastage, Las Vegas in Nevada springs to mind. The region is famous for its miles upon miles of absolutely sprawling casinos, each of them lit up to the eyeballs with all manner of lights and bulbs, and as such, it’s pretty apparent that there should be a few spinning meters, right? In fact, Las Vegas is lit up enough that it really should be seen from space.
While indeed, most likely you should be able to see Las Vegas from space, it’s not even half of the energy hog it once was. The state has changed from wasteful, inefficient neon strips to LED strip lighting, and while just as flashy as the older neon (if not more so, actually!) there’s a completely staggering 83.75% power saving on the newer LED Strip Lighting than the older, wasteful neon. That, and LED lighting is much, much safer. That 83.75% on neon lighting is pure wastage – coming out in heat and some seriously harmful C02 emissions that are one, a fire hazard, and two, a v…

Driving Around Snowdonia in a Campervan

The Snowdonia National Park is a fantastic place to visit throughout the year. If you don’t fancy wild camping, yet also aren’t looking to spend a fortune on hotels during your stay – a campervan hire might just be the answer to your accommodation troubles.

It also means that you can visit all of the major landmarks within the National Park in a shorter space of time than if you were to walk or use public transport.

It’s understandable that you might be thinking about the space constraints of sleeping in a campervan, but they typically sleep up to four people – which is plenty enough room if there’s only two of you.

Camper vans also come with all the basic essentials you need – cooking equipment, cutlery, gas cooking hobs, and even a television at times! It’s likely you’ll need to bring your own bedding or sleeping bags, but the rest is taken care of for you.

So where do you begin once you’ve started your journey around Snowdonia?

Snowdon The first landmark that springs to mind for m…

Year of Legends 2017 to Boost Welsh Tourism

Wales has had a huge boost from the recent Visit Wales initiative; ‘Wales Year of Adventure’ campaign 2016 that has seen recognition for all things Wales, with particular focus on the opportunities for adventure.
2016 saw new big name adventure attractions enjoy success, with the likes of Surf Snowdonia, Zip World and Bounce Below gaining momentum in their operations. Famously and traditionally known for its range of natural landscapes, Wales – and particularly North Wales has enjoyed increased visitors, attention and recognition.
2017 will see a brand new campaign, further pushing Wales’ offerings, though this time with a more historical theme, celebrating the special legends of the country. Officially named the ‘Year of Legends’, the campaign will set out to educate those visiting the area about the rich Welsh history and intriguing folklore that has embedded itself in welsh culture and tradition.
Businesses within Wales are expected to embrace this campaign and as such, we may well…