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A Day Out At Llandudno Pier

One of the longest piers in the UK, Llandudno Pier is very much this seaside town’s main attraction. Saying that, Llandudno Pier is not the only attraction in Llandudno. This bustling seaside town has every many attractions – from prehistoric mineshafts (really!) and WW2 museums to actual working farms.  A holiday within Llandudno means that there will certainly be a choice of things to do, and fun for all of the family is guaranteed - as well as a top class stay at Llandudno seafront hotels.
Some attractions are made better than others of course, and while Llandudno is a resort which genuinely does have a lot of varied and engaging things, perhaps the most profound, simply by visibility, is the famous Llandudno pier. With a rich history, Llandudno pier has been a large part of the identity of this seaside town since it was created, in matters of tourism and otherwise.
Some of the very best hotels in Llandudno gather around the beautiful Llandudno Pier and the seafront promenade, and Ll…

The Terrace Restaurant in Llandudno

Llandudno is widely regarded as a beautiful seaside town which has bucked the trend of the declining quality of the British seaside holiday, and is very much the jewel in the crown of the North Wales tourism industry. The resort was originally built in Victorian times, and to this day manages to walk a fine balance toward having an unmistakable class - Victorian elegance meeting a wonderfully fun family holiday. As such, it has been a very popular destination for all manner of people - domestic advocates of the Great British Seaside holiday, and also foreign tourists which are looking for something a little bit different. As such, there’s all manner of restaurants in Llandudno, as many as there are hotels in fact. Llandudno has made a name for itself as an excellent place to go out and eat in particular - and alike Llandudno has managed to walk the line between a classy getaway and a fun one, the selection of restaurants in Llandudno is vast and varied. In all of our travels, we can’t i…